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Even though patios are easier to build than decks and cost less, they can still increase the monetary and aesthetic value of your home. The difference between a deck and a patio is that a deck is usually raised from the ground while a patio is built directly on the ground. Patios are usually built with stone, tile, concrete, or brick.

Patios generally are a bit more durable than decks and can handle more foot traffic and weight such as grills, entertainment, outdoor kitchen equipment, and even hot tubs.

A patio provudes you with  the perfect place to hang out with friends and family just steps from your back door. Enjoy the sun rays, or add a shade structure to enjoy the outdoors without getting beat down by the sometimes unrelenting Arkansas sun.

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What You Should Know About Patios...

There are a few differences between patios and decks, both in functionality and materials used. As we mentioned above, decks sit above the ground, while patios sit on the ground.

Where decks are built using wood, composite, and vinyl, patios benefit from tougher materials like stone and brick. You do not need to worry as much about patios becoming dirty or worn, and you can clean them more thoroughly with a pressure washer without doing them any damage.

As you can build a patio anywhere in your yard, you can make it a part of any area that you wish. The opportunities are endless. Build one in the shade of a tree, hidden away from your home, or put it front and center.

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Types Of Patio Material


Concrete patios are one of the cheapest to build, as long as it is done correctly, and you can trust us that it will be.

The patio is first designed, and then the area is plotted out and the concrete is poured. This gives a lot of flexibility to your patio, as the concrete can be poured into any shape. If you have a specific area that is a multitude of shapes, then concrete will be perfect.

The only thing to remember is to maintain your concrete patio to help it last.

Stone Paver

Stone pavers are easy to install and make for a wonderful patio.

One of the main benefits of stone pavers is their durability. They are dense, so they last longer and their color does not fade as much over time. Stone pavers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and you can find some that are designed to look like natural stones or clay bricks.

We make sure to use pressure-treated lumber on the edges of your patio to prevent the stones from shifting over time.

Finished Concrete

Finished concrete is durable and can be used to create a patio in any space. The advantage of finished concrete is that you can create any look that you like.

Before the concrete dries, it can be simply smoothed, or tools can be used to create patterns. You can make the concrete look like stone pavers, bricks, and even wood. The concrete can also be finished with color.

Treated Wood & Composite

If you are looking for an affordable patio, treated wood is perfect. It is inexpensive, durable, and easy to repair. Treated or composite wood is resistant to moisture, rot, mold, and insects (perfect for a patio that touches the ground).

Wood and composite also give a more natural look that will blend seamlessly into your yard. They are both are cheap to maintain yourself, and wood can be finished as you like it.

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Benefits Of Having A Patio

If you love to entertain, then there is no better place to do it than on a patio. When the warmer weather hits, you don’t want to be cooped up inside, especially when you are hosting. A patio gives you a space to relax with friends.

Depending on your needs, you can have your patio right outside your kitchen door, or place it away from your home in an area that you can escape to.

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