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We have been serving the Bentonville area for many years now, and we like to work within our community to create beautiful decks for everyone to enjoy. If you feel that you need more square footage for your home, a place to entertain guests, or a relaxing outdoor space, then we can make that happen.

With expert contractors, the best materials, and knowledge that spans more than just decks, we know what we are doing, can see problems before they arise, and can install or fix almost anything.

If you have the space for a deck, are not sure if a deck can be built in your yard, want to have a deck repaired, or need an outdoor structure of any sort, then give us a call now.

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Deck Material Options

Pressure-Treated Wood

Pressure-treated wood is created when chemicals are forced through the wood to create protection from rot, mold, and insects. This material is perfect for low-cost decks, being one of the cheapest deck materials out there, and is also easy to maintain and repair.

However, pressure-treated wood will not last forever, and the deck may need to be replaced before others. The wood can also discolor over time, and frequent repainting is often needed.

Cost Of Pressure-Treated Decking: About $2.35 per sq. ft.

Composite Decking

Composite decking combines glue, wood, and recycled plastics to create a more durable material that still looks and acts like wood. This material is still relatively cheap but will also last for a long time. There are a variety of colors to choose from with composite decks.

While it is affordable, it does cost more than pressure-treated wood, and the color is permanent, so you better like it before it is installed.

Cost Of Composite Decking: About $7.80 per sq. ft.

Vinyl Decking

Vinyl decking is made from 100% plastic and comes in a variety of colors and sizes. In fact, there are new colors and styles hitting the market every day. It is a decking material that will last and requires little maintenance.

Being more durable, the material is more expensive. The deck also cannot be stained or painted, so you will be stuck with the color that you initially choose unless you replace the deck.

Cost Of Vinyl Decking: About $7.50 per sq. ft. for hollow core; $9.50 solid core

3 Reasons
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At Bentonville Deck Builders, our goal is to build decks in Bentonville and surrounding Benton areas.

Reasons why you should choose us:

1. With decades of experience, we’ve seen it all when it comes to deck building and can handle anything.
2. Unlike many contractors, we actually answer the phone and always act professional.
3. Nobody is more experienced at building outdoor living spaces for the whole family.

Types Of Decks

There are many decks to choose from, and a lot will depend on where your back door is situated, the space in your yard, and any obstacles that may get in the way. Here are the most common.

Floating Deck

A floating deck is one that is not attached to your home and sits on a foundation that is usually embedded in the ground. It can sit a few inches above the ground or a few feet. It is a low-cost deck that is perfect if you might change it or move it in the future.

The deck is easy to install and maintain, but not as secure as a deck that is attached.

Wrap Around Deck

A wraparound deck starts at the back of your home and then also wraps at least one other side. A deck like this is perfect for entertaining, and you can move your entertaining area away from your exit. It is great for people with a lot of space.

A wraparound deck is larger than a back deck, so it is going to cost you more money, but people often see it as a worthwhile investment.

Attached Deck

An attached deck is attached to your home and is a perfect option if you have an elevated back door. By attaching the deck to your home, it provides more security and safety. It also allows you to add heavier loads to your deck, like large furniture items.

The danger with this type of deck is that if it is not installed properly, it can do damage to your property. Always trust the experts.

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Deck Maintenance

Once we install your deck, our job is done. If you don’t want to call us to repair the deck before you have to, make sure to maintain your deck.

Regular cleaning will go a long way to protecting your deck material. Repaint the deck when needed to protect the wood (if you have a wood deck). Finally, check the structure every few months for any damage. Call us if you spot anything.

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